The ADVA-ES presented the Evergreen-4: brand-new project in Varna

The ADVA-ES investment company presented their brand-new project - the Evergreen-4 residential building in Varna. It combines the highest-quality construction solutions of the company, as well as the most advanced practices concerning ESG compliance.

The Evergreen-4 residential building relies heavily on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) technical solutions to reduce electricity bills and support next-level environmental friendliness. We will claim energy efficiency class A for the building thanks to thermal insulation, high-quality window systems, and a centralized water heating system. 

The water heating system of the building includes vacuum tube collectors and enameled dual-coil water heaters Sunsystem, installed on the roof. That will support a smart and future-proof urban lifestyle and provide an easy hands-on experience with guaranteed safety and longevity.

The building is located in the Izgrev district of Varna and consists of 8 residential floors. The apartments in the Evergreen-4 offer a convenient location close to various public buildings, shops, educational institutions, and sports and relaxation areas.
More information about the Evergreen-4: